Cover art to Vertigo's Dead Boy Detectives #3.

Image: Mark Buckingham/Vertigo Comics

The merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery didn’t just lead to several cancellations, it also put several shows in limbo. Because WB Discovery still remains focused on recouping money, the corporation is attempting to license out its stuff to other distributors, and that includes in-progress series like Batman: Caped Crusader.

Another of those shows is Dead Boy Detectives, which was announced last year before the merger finalized and originally slated for HBO Max. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the series is now heading over to Netflix, since it apparently didn’t fit the new DC vision recently unveiled by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Even if it had stayed around on HBO Max, the Reporter claims that WB wouldn’t have been able to even market the show until 2024, so the producers gave the green light for it to be shopped around.

Produced by Arrowverse head Greg Berlanti, Dead Boy Detectives is based on a pair of characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner who first showed up in 1991’s The Sandman #25. The titular dead boys, Charles Rowland (George Rexstrew) and Edward Paine (Jayden Revri), are a pair of kids who’ve chosen to investigate supernatural crimes on Earth rather than pass on into the afterlife. The show’s cast includes Yuyu Kitamura, Jenn Lyon, Briana Cuoco, and Ruth Connell.

Going over to Netflix makes sense, since the streamer is also currently the home of The Sandman, and loves itself some comic book shows. At time of writing, it’s unclear if the show—headed up by The Flight Attendant creator Steve Yockey and Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz, and executive produced by Doom Patrol’s Jeremy Carver—will be adjusted to fit within the main Sandman series. Either way, look for Dead Boy Detectives to release on Netflix in the near future.

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