Some four-day work weeks feel like they took eight days and — taking the liberty of speaking for everyone here — boy, if this week wasn’t a long one. It felt like an eight-day week, minimum. Maybe even nine.

But guess what, folks? The weekend has arrived. Not a moment too soon. To celebrate, we looked back at the week, collecting the absolute best and funniest tweets. Because what better way to spend the weekend than chuckling at posts online? So, here they are, the nine best tweets of the week.

1. You’ve entered the big time, fella. Hope you’re ready for a fight.

2. A game that means nothing, played by people who have nothing on the line…the perfect time to gamble. (Please do not gamble on an all star game.)

3. It’s so clear now. The obvious answer was right in front of us this whole time.

4. An obligatory dril tweet.

5. Cringissimo is actually a word that is in the Bible.

6. Boom. Karate. Sign over. Nailed it.

7. A Hudson News knows neither time nor currency. You enter, exit, and spend with no tether to reality.

8. Remember these headlines every time John Oliver did a bit back in the day?

9.And finally, this gem of a thought.

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