Jon Jones and Jake Paul

Jon Jones has expressed his endorsement for Jake Paul to win his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury. The renowned fighter believes that Paul will emerge victorious in the much-anticipated bout between the two boxing stars.

In the lead-up to his highly anticipated comeback fight, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been generating buzz not only for his return to the octagon but also for his active engagement with fans on social media.

During one such interaction, Jones was asked for his opinion on the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, which is set to take place on Sunday (February 26).

To the surprise of many, Jones revealed that he has been keeping up with the influencer boxing scene and further shocked combat sports enthusiasts by declaring his support for Paul.

‘Jonny Bones’ tweeted in response to a fan’s query about his choice for the Paul vs. Fury fight, where he wrote:

“I’m a huge fan of Tyson, but I’m rooting for Jake in the situation. The kids come such a long way.”

Despite criticism from fans and analysts about his short boxing career and lack of experience facing legitimate boxers, Jake Paul may have earned the respect of fellow fighters in the industry.

Support from Jon Jones could suggest that the YouTuber-turned-boxer is gaining recognition among his peers. Paul’s upcoming match against Fury, taking place tomorrow in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, is highly anticipated by fans and analysts alike.

Jon Jones ranks the top 5 UFC fighters of all time

In a recent statement, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones shared his picks for the top five greatest UFC fighters of all time. Jones, who is set to compete for the now-vacant heavyweight title at UFC 285 next month, will face off against Ciryl Gane.

Jones listed his top five UFC fighters of all time in a recent interview with RMC Sport. Unsurprisingly, Jones included himself on the list given his record-setting 11 title defenses during his time as light heavyweight champion. He also named former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who began his octagon career with a 16-0 record that still stands unbeaten.

Georges St-Pierre, known for his well-rounded skills, defended his welterweight title nine times. Khabib Nurmagomedov, who retired as an undefeated and undisputed lightweight champion, was also recognized for his unprecedented dominance.

Lastly, Jones named Jose Aldo, who earned the nickname “The King of Rio” for his impressive career as a featherweight champion.

Check out the ‘Bones’ talk about his top 5 UFC fighters of all time:


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