For his latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tackled the surprising (and disturbing) amount of power homeowners associations have over their communities. However, in introducing his HOA deep dive, Oliver recognized that this story would alienate some of his audience: people under 35.

“If you are under 35, honestly, this story isn’t for you,” he said. “It’ll never be for you. You will never own a home. Sorry! That is the deal you made when you decided to be born after 1988.”

But while we may never own a home, Oliver, in his infinite kindness, has provided us a truly delightful consolation gift that will tickle our nostalgia bones. In addition to his HOA takedown, Oliver and Last Week Tonight prepared a comprehensive look at Chuck E. Cheese, which you can watch at (Opens in a new tab) in a new tab). From old commercials to in-store fights to Chuck E. Cheese movies, nothing is off-limits.


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