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John Fury lost his mind while hyping up his son’s upcoming fight against Jake Paul.

On February 26, Tommy Fury looks to silence the doubters by giving ‘The Problem Child’ his first professional boxing loss. There has been bad blood throughout the rivalry, but it’s almost time for the trash talk to be backed up. During an interview with Fight Hub TV, Papa Fury was asked about the matchup, and he had this to say:

“Jake Paul, I love your family, you’re an amazing promoter, you’ve done your job, but here’s where it stops. When we take this sh*t in the ring, it’s over for ya. You’re getting knocked out, you know it.

The 58-year-old went crazy as Tommy’s team and fans started feeding off his energy. Fury’s ballistic reaction came shortly after the weigh-ins, where ‘TNT’ pushed Paul. Although ‘The Problem Child’ is extremely confident, the eldest Fury thinks the former YouTuber might have cut too much weight.

⚖️ Tommy Fury pushes Jake Paul at the end of their face off as both fighters weigh in under the limit to ensure their fight goes ahead!🔥 IT IS ON!!🇺🇸 Jake Paul 183.6lbs🇬🇧 Tommy Fury 184½lbsFinal predictions, who do you got? ⬇️ #boxing #paulfury 🎥

Watch John Fury guarantee Tommy Fury knock out Jake Paul below:


John Fury believes Jake Paul cut too much weight

Jake Paul weighed in at 183.6 pounds, with Tommy Fury at 184.5. Paul weighed in at 186.5 for his last fight against Anderson Silva, so he has some experience cutting down. With that said, John Fury believes ‘The Problem Child’ might have messed up his weight cut this time. During the same interview with Fight Hub TV, Papa Fury had this to say:

“You’ve lost too much weight… Look at that guys body, what chance does he stand against a titan like Tommy. No chance. No chance, all them arms are good for is wiping his backside… No muscle, no definition, he’s lost his body transformation. He’s weak at the weight, you can see that, and he’s terrified. He’s getting knocked the f**k out.”

Paul advanced his professional boxing record to 6-0 by defeating Silva in October. Meanwhile, Fury’s last professional bout was a decision win against Daniel Bocianski in April 2022, which brought his record to 8-0. Both fighters have been questioned about their opponent selection and overall skills, but they now have an opportunity to validate their fighting journey by winning on February 26.

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