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Twitch streamer Robert “roflgator” has announced on Twitter that he will require surgery after fracturing his elbows in “three places” during a soccer game hosted by OTK and friends as part of their ongoing OTK gameday event. The injury occurred during a stream on February 25 when fellow Twitch streamer Matthew “Mizkif,” who is also the co-owner of the OTK organization, made a hard tackle on roflgator, causing him to fall and suffer a serious arm injury.

After making the tackle, Mizkif received a blue card from the referee and was put on a two-minute timeout. Despite Robert being unable to continue playing, his team managed to win 3-2.

Robert later took to his socials to provide an update regarding his injury:

My elbow is broke in 3 places. I need to get surgery. Safe to say no stream tonight.

roflgator severely injured after receiving a nasty tackle from Mizkif

At its first sporting event of the year, OTK welcomed a range of creators, both from within and outside the organization, to participate. The team sheet featured names such as Eric “Erobb,” Ali “SypherPK,” Will “WillNeff,” and PeachJars, among others.

One of the players listed on the team sheet was roflgator, who was representing the Blue Team. During the first half of the match, with just over a minute remaining, Mizkif made a lunge towards roflgator, causing the streamer to fall onto his arms and wince in pain.

(Timestamp: 01:35:21)

While speaking to Malena post-match, Mizkif stated that he was “feeling shi**y” about the tackle. He asserted:

“I feel bad for Rob. I feel really shi**y… No, I mean, that’s the game, but I feel bad. It sucks. I hope he’s okay.”

roflgator later stated that he was not mad at Mizkif for the tackle:

“Also I respect the hustle on miz. Iā€™m not upset at him at all.”

Also I respect the hustle on miz. Iā€™m not upset at him at all.

How the internet reacted to the streamer’s plight

The roflgator’s injury sparked various reactions from the streaming community. Members of the OTK and streaming community took to the replies of his tweet to share their thoughts:

@roflgatorOW Get well soon Rob! Hope the surgery goes well and everything after works right! šŸ’™

@roflgatorOW i hope OTK’s paying for the bill. Hope you recover soon buddy

The clip was also shared to the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit and garnered a lot of reactions:

The OTK Gameday event will continue well into next month, with the next event being a basketball match scheduled for March 3. Fans can also look forward to the remaining two events, softball and football (NA), which will be streamed on March 17 and 24, respectively.

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