Satiating hunger in Sons of the Forest is of prime importance at all times (Image via Endnight Games)

Hunger is a legitimate issue in Sons of the Forest, as it could end you faster than the cannibals of the island. Developers Endnight Games have ensured you’ll feel an authentic experience of surviving on a remote island, and food will become your essential companion. However, the island isn’t a swashbuckling town by any means, and your daily objective will be to find food.

If you haven’t guessed by now, food is your only ally against combatting hunger. Go hungry for a long time, and you will start feeling its effects in the game, which can be highly disruptive. Hence, you need to keep your food stacked at all times, and thankfully, there are different ways to go about it.

It’s safe to assume that Sons of the Forest isn’t going to throw food at your whim, and you’ll have to work hard for the most part. However, a wide platter of “delicacies” is available at your service if you know how to collect them. There’s even an option for you to follow an entirely vegetarian diet if you wish to do so, and the developers have incorporated a comprehensive set of choices despite keeping the limitations of the island.

Satiating hunger in Sons of the Forest is of prime importance at all times

Food is your main antidote against hunger in Sons of the Forest. There are two main parts – collecting/growing the raw resources and then consuming them.


There are different options you can undertake to meet all your needs:

  • Killing animals to get raw meat and consume them directly.
  • Cook the raw meat and consume the cooked food.
  • Collect and consume wild berries that grow in the wild.
  • Grow food in planters.
  • Collect food rations from tents.

Different animals are present in Sons of the Forest; you can hunt them for their meat. However, it’s important to note that no weapon is suitable against all types, and you’ll need spears to hunt the smaller ones. Spears are perfect against faster animals and can also be used for fishing.

Alternatively, you can create traps to collect meat or fish, whichever suits your taste. You can consume raw meat, but that’s not the optimum process. Eating cooked food fills the hunter meter much more, and it’s the correct thing to do outside emergencies. To cook food in Sons of the Forest, you must be at a campfire. When you interact with it, you will have the option to cook your food.


You can also grow vegetables in planters, one of the most sustainable ways of collecting food. There are two types, and both will make your survival easier once you unlock them. You can find food ration packets in specific places on the island.

The starting camp in Sons of the Forest has such rations, which are excellent for filling hunger and health. You can also find these ration packs in cannibal tents, but avoiding them initially is best since they can kill you. Concentrating on the berries that grow in the wild is a much better way to go around, and they don’t involve you risking your life.

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