Employing the “Infinite Ammo” glitch in Sons of the Forest (Image via Sons of the Forest)

Sons of the Forest is proving to be a relentlessly brutal survival horror game that has captivated fans of the franchise despite still being in its early access phase. Players must use every tool at their disposal and the environment around them to survive, even in the first few hours of gameplay. Ammunition is in short supply, meaning that even finding a pistol or shotgun requires players to use their bullets sparingly.

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However, there is a glitch in Sons of the Forest that allows players to obtain an infinite supply of ammo. This exploit is not an intended gameplay mechanic, but many players are currently using it to collect resources for their guns before it gets fixed in a future update.

Hence, today’s guide will go over how you will be able to use the “Infinite Ammo” glitch in Sons of the Forest.

Employing the “Infinite Ammo” glitch in Sons of the Forest


The usual way of going about collecting ammo in Sons of the Forest is to loot abandoned camps all around the map. These caps and bunkers are guaranteed to contain briefcases and boxes containing ammo for both your pistol as well as your shotgun.

Bunkers will also contain some rare resources like 3D printers, bows, ropes, and even bombs. Hence, the most obvious way of going about stocking up on resources in Sons of the Forest is to explore the map as much as possible.

However, during the early hours of the game, the player character is not well-equipped enough to explore the map too much, and this is where the “Infinite Ammo” glitch in the game comes in handy.


Here’s how you can successfully make the most of the exploit:

  • Make your way to a camp or a bunker on the map, and then loot all the ammunition that you find in it. Once done, make a Shelter there in the camp and save the game.
  • Once the saving process is done, you will then be required to exit the game and log back in. This time, you need to use the load file of the most recent save that you have done in the shelter.
  • Upon doing so, you will then span in the bunker or camp where you saved the game, and you will notice that all the ammunition that you had previously looted there has respawned, and you will be able to collect them once again.
  • You will be able to use this Sons of the Forest “Infinite Ammo” exploit as many times as you want. However, you will only be able to carry as much ammo as your inventory will allow, so while you will get an infinite supply of it, you will not be able to salve the same.

It’s likely that this ammo exploit is something that Endnight Games will be looking to patch out in an upcoming update. Hence, you should make the most of the glitch while it is still active.

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