GravaStar, known for science-fiction-inspired speakers with surprisingly solid sound, introduced a new model today. In addition to playing music, the Supernova Bluetooth speaker doubles as a lantern — while resembling something that belongs in the Star Wars prequels. The company pitches it as a camping companion that ticks the boxes for music, lighting and oddball novelty.

The speaker has a metallic body made from a zinc alloy. Its lantern-like design can produce customizable lighting effects while changing color to the music’s rhythm. On the audio front, it has 25 watts of power and a rating of 90db with a three-inch full-range speaker and half-inch high-frequency tweeter. It also supports stereo pairing if you buy two of them.

The speaker weighs 2.2 lbs and has a handle with collapsible legs. GravaStar estimates up to seven hours of battery life and a Bluetooth distance of up to 20 meters. The Supernova speaker / lantern is available to order today for $180. The company tells Engadget that it will ship by the end of March.

A cute robot charger (mech-inspired) sitting on a wooden desk. Various blurred objects are behind it.


GravaStar is also launching a 65W charger that looks like a cross between a mech and a prop from a B-grade 20th-century sci-fi film. The Alpha65 charger has one USB-A and two USB-C ports. In addition, it uses GaN (gallium nitride) tech, which should make it faster and more energy-efficient than standard silicon chargers. Finally, it includes a synchronous rectification chip to help reduce power loss when converting AC to DC. The Alpha65 charger costs $60 and is available to order starting today.

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