Google has decided that more people should use its Magic Eraser photo editing tool, even – GASP! – iPhone users.

Previously only available to those with Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 phones, the Magic Eraser tool, (Opens in a new tab)along with several other photo editing tools, will now be made available on the Google Photos app. However, it will only be available to those who are subscribers to the Google One plan.

Google often introduces new features to its own devices before spreading them out to other users on iPhone and Android devices like Samsung.

The Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted elements from photos and replaces them using AI, is just one of the editing features being made available in the Google Photos app. Google One subscribers will also get an HDR video editing effect which helps balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds, or vice versa.

Google magic eraser selects an image for deleting

Credit: Jonathan Tully/Google

Credit: Jonathan Tully/Google

Google Photos is also adding new styles for Google One users to its collage maker.

The features are available now on the Google Photos app, but you may need to update it on your phone to see them. Happy erasing!

How to use Magic Eraser

There are a few different ways to use Google’s Magic Eraser. If there are obvious objects Google’s AI thinks is ready to delete, it will outline them as suggestions and offer to delete them with a click of a link.

You can also draw a circle around an area you’d like to erase, and the AI will delete the area and fill it in with surrounding background.

Users can also use the camouflage option(Opens in a new tab), which changes the color of an object you want hidden so it blends into the background. This makes the photo look less distorted than the erase function can.

What Google One is and how much it costs

Google One(Opens in a new tab), a tiered subscription service, has several features outside of those in Google Photos. Its best known feature is increased storage: At its most basic level, which costs $1.99 a month, users get an additional 100 gigabytes, while Google One’s highest tier at $24.99 a month offers 5 terabytes.

Subscribers also get access to Google experts who can answer questions about all the products and services Google offers, while premium users also have access to a VPN.


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