On February 26, Twitch star Zack “Asmongold” took to his alternate channel, Zackrawrr, to host an Elden Ring livestream. Before playing the FromSoftware title, the streamer reacted to the top posts on his official subreddit. Asmongold came across a viewer who was upset about his recent reaction to the Ohio train accident.

After reading the viewer say that people can’t afford to leave the house because they are not “a millionaire with a meme job,” Asmongold hit back at them and asserted that his take was “true.” He continued further, remarking:

“I don’t care about your f***king feelings. It’s true! What I said is true! I’m not going to, you know, tiptoe around your, you know, your touchiness because you’re involved with this subject. F**k you, stop crying!”

Asmongold goes off on a viewer who expressed their displeasure with his reaction to the Ohio train accident

At the 19-minute mark of his February 26 broadcast, Asmongold came across a post titled “Recent react video of Asmon/Ohio train wreck” by Redditor u/EarlyInsurance7557. The streamer read it out loud to his audience and stated:

“‘Watching him (the streamer) react to this video actually made me mad.’ Okay. ‘First off, I’m from Ohio and I’m affected by this. Even though I live 60+ miles away, I have to worry about my drinking water for the next couple of years. Asmon says, ‘Just leave.’ People can’t f**king leave because they are not a millionaire with a meme job.'”

The co-founder of One True King (OTK) responded by suggesting that people “can leave” their houses. There was, however, a “massive personal cost” associated with it:

“I mean, you can. It’s just a massive personal cost. Like, I mean, listen! I’m not saying, like, you can leave. Like, yeah! Actually, wait a minute. Let me actually go back and think about that. No, that was actually not what I was saying.”

Asmongold recalled and contextualized the statement he made about the incident:

“If you go back and if you remember what I actually said, I said that in the context of the people being in the house, that was in (a) one-mile radius. And they were in that house, at that moment. Yes, obviously if that happens to me, I would move away. I would say, ‘F**k this, I’m done!’ Absolutely! Of course, other people can’t do that.”

Timestamp: 00:19:50

The streamer continued to read the Redditor’s post and expressed his thoughts:

“‘They can’t sell their house, it’s completely f**ked.’ Yeah, that’s true. ‘Then there is a girl crying, her kid is sick and the first thing a multi-millionaire says is, ‘Damn it, I don’t want to pay taxes.’ Like what?’ Bro, I understand that you are emotionally invested in this and you’re upset about this. But if you’re getting upset about the fact that, like, I make money streaming and you don’t and you’re writing a Reddit comment about this, you’re not making your life or anybody else’s life better.”

Asmongold responded to the viewer by saying he didn’t care about their feelings and that his statement was “true.” Upon reading that the viewer had turned off his video, the Austin, Texas-based content creator stated:

“‘If anything, supporting Americans in trouble is the best thing to do with taxes. Turned off the video there tbh (to be honest) and didn’t watch (it) anymore.’ Thank god! Please don’t do it anymore! If you’re going to cry and be a little b**ch about this!”

Asmongold began reading the comments posted under the thread and responded to them by saying:

“‘Guy who barely leaves his house except to go to Wendy’s says, ‘lol, just move to another state.; A funny react for sure. Well, hey man, if you want to sit there and get cancer, that’s f**king fine! Like… I don’t know. I would view this as a life-and-death situation. I absolutely would!”

He added:

“Bro, if you’re in a place and just being in that place gives you, like, a metallic taste in your mouth. Do you know why that is? It’s probably because it’s iron and iron from your blood! It’s f**king killing you! It’s very nice to, you know, ‘Oh well,’ you know, like, ‘Well, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ Fine! Then stay there! I don’t care!”

Streaming community reacts to Asmongold’s take

Asmongold’s most recent take went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, wherein more than 770 community members weighed in. Some of the most relevant fan reactions were along these lines:

Later during the same broadcast, Asmongold reacted to the aforementioned r/LivestreamFail thread. He asserted that he “stood by” everything he said in the Twitch clip and added that he was “right.”

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