Colby Covington and Leon Edwards

Colby Covington’s fans are showing their enthusiastic support as rumors swirl about his upcoming title fight against UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards in London this July.

The fervor around Covington’s potential match-up is reaching a fever pitch, with fans from all corners of the world expressing their excitement for what promises to be an epic showdown between two of the sport’s most talented fighters.

The anticipation surrounding this highly anticipated bout is palpable, as both ‘Chaos’ and ‘Rocky’ have proven themselves to be fierce competitors in the octagon. The former interim welterweight champion’s fans, in particular, have been vocal in their admiration for his incredible skills and unwavering determination, rallying behind him with an unwavering sense of loyalty and passion.

Colby Covington posted a photo on Instagram which has garnered huge support, with the post captioned:

“Don’t want to give me a title shot mumble mouth? I recall the British not wanting to give Americans our freedom either… So we took it.”

Check out some of the social media reactions below:

Instagram user @lifeofguid wrote:

“Make the welterweight division great again.”

Another user @ommck21x reacted:

“The people’s champ.”

User @eu26506 stated:

“Raw American steel on the loose.”

Social media user @ofyd666 wrote:

“Baby wake up Colby posted on Instagram.”

@kingbarchan mentioned:

“It’s only right to take the belt back to America!!”

Instagram user @n_colmen wrote:

“Leon got pieced up by amateur masvidal, easy win by Colby Covington.”

@mdeneverdiess stated:

“The last guy you beat just retired lol.”

Instagram user @johnny_mannion24 remarked:

“Time to Take whats yours.”

@shaquilhaque commentated:

“Leon Edwards you’re gonna lose that title in July.”

Another user @sean.stuart.20 stated:

“You tell em champ.”

@18thigaccount wrorte:

“The King is coming for his crown.”

In a hotly anticipated bout at UFC 286 last month, Leon Edwards emerged victorious over Kamaru Usman, retaining his coveted welterweight title. The intense showdown lasted five rounds, with Edwards ultimately triumphing over Usman with impressive scores of 48-46, 48-46, and 47-47.

Following his remarkable win, ‘Rocky’ was informed that he would be facing none other than the formidable Colby Covington, who currently holds the second rank in the welterweight category.

Colby Covington responds to Jorge Masvidal’s retirement announcement

The recent retirement announcement of his former American Top Team teammate and now rival, Jorge Masvidal, has prompted Colby Covington to share his opinion on the matter. Following Masvidal’s defeat at the hands of Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, he announced his decision to retire from MMA, which has not gone unnoticed by ‘Covington’.

Despite their past friendship, there seems to be no love lost between Covington and ‘Gamebred’, as the former insinuated that Masvidal only took another fight to avoid ending his career in a loss to him. The clear animosity between the two fighters has been brewing for some time now, and this recent development only adds fuel to the fire.

During a recent interview on Submission Radio, the 35-year-old Californian stated:

“He’s a broken man. There’s a reason that he came out and did what he did to me in the streets like a little clown…There’s no pride in that guy. So, he just didn’t want to have to live the rest of his life knowing that he retired off of getting his a** beat by me.”

Check out the entire conversation below:

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