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Triple H has done an excellent job of bolstering the WWE roster since taking over the creative duties of the company. However, it seems like The Game might have to wait a little longer for AJ Styles to join his colleagues inside the squared circle. The former WWE Champion has been out of action since December last year after suffering an ankle injury at a live event.

Styles was midway through a mixed tag team match against The Judgment Day when he got hurt. He could not complete further in the match and was assisted to the back as the referee flashed the ‘X’ sign. Styles revealed after the match that he had broken his ankle and would be out for a long period of time.

Steve Carrier of Ringside News has provided an update on the star’s status. Steve reported that there is “no word yet on AJ Styles,” which could mean that the Phenomenal One is not close to a return.

We have asked about #AJStyles return to WWE TV after suffering an ankle injury back in December.Unfortunately not much was said, as we were told “No word yet on AJ Styles.”This would indicate that he’s not being discussed at this time.

AJ Styles could be nearing the end of his WWE career

AJ Styles is widely considered one of the greatest performers inside the squared circle. The Phenomenal One has been wrestling for decades during which he has put on numerous outstanding matches against a plethora of opponents.

However, the former WWE Champion is seemingly in the twilight phase of his career. During an interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda Wrestling last year, Styles noted that he was entering the final phase of his pro wrestling career:

“We’re getting to that point where I feel great about retirement coming up, eventually. Because I’ve had so many great matches with so many great guys, so it kinda puts your mind at ease what you were able to accomplish,” said Styles.

Styles had taken a back seat over the last several months before his injury and put the younger talent over. He also reunited with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and seemed likely to lead the duo to tag-team glory.

Everyone at Sportskeeda Wrestling wishes Styles a speedy recovery and hopes to see him back in action soon.

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