Balding Woody Harrelson in blue button up

Woody Harrelson being harassed and urged to take a dump into a colon cancer screening box was not on my 2023 bingo card but here we are I guess. Harrelson, this weekend’s host for Saturday Night Live, starred in the most absurd spoof commercial yet this season, as the actor fends off deviant Cologuard boxes who want him to “unleash” inside them.

Gross, I know.

Cologuard for those at home that don’t know (I didn’t until having to write this), is a noninvasive at-home colon cancer screening test for men 45 or older who don’t want to get a colonoscopy. SNL as a part of its series of creepy commercials envisions a universe where not only do the Cologuard boxes talk but they enjoy having you “unleash” in them.

It’s a hilarious, albeit creepy watch whether it’s watching Harrelson slap away the wandering hands of Thomas the Cologuard box (“Why do I hate knowing that,” Harrelson mutters to himself) or seeing Kenan Thompson play the just as creepy and perverted UPS guy.

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