The Dark and Stormy is a classic cocktail made with lime, dark rum and ginger beer. It is refreshing and delicious. In my opinion, it’s even better than its cousin, The Moscow Mule.

This popular cocktail can be found all around the world, so you have probably seen it on many menus. Now it’s time to learn to make it at home. This is one of the simplest cocktails to make, and it turns out perfect and refreshing every time.

Often, the rum is served floating on top like a dark and stormy sky. An important detail for this drink recipe is that you need to use dark rum.

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Ingredients in a Dark and Stormy:

  • Goslings Black Seal Rum – Goslings Rum actually has a trademark on this drink’s name, so if you want to make it properly you need to use Goslings Rum. I tried it out and it’s absolutely delicious.
  • Ginger Beer – This zesty ginger soda adds adds both sweetness and a bit of kick to your drink.
  • Lime – The lime is technically optional, but I love it and would not skip it. It adds so much flavor. Juice half a lime and use the other half to create a lime wedge garnish.

How to Mix a Dark and Stormy:

Add ice, ginger beer and lime juice to a highball glass. Leave about two inches at the top for your rum. Top the drink with two ounces of dark rum. This creates a mysterious look, like a storm. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t a Dark & Stormy served in a copper mug?

Technically, a Dark & Stormy is not a mule cocktail because lime isn’t an essential ingredient and it is traditionally served in a highball glass instead of a mug.

What is the best rum for a Dark & Stormy?

Goslings Black Seal Rum. If substituting, be sure to use a dark rum.


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A recipe for the classic Dark and Stormy Cocktail using rum, ginger beer and lime.


  • This is a lightly sweet cocktail. If you prefer a sweeter version, add one to two tablespoons of simple syrup and stir in. 
  • The Dark and Stormy cocktail is technically not a mule cocktail and is traditionally served in a highball glass instead of a copper mug. Feel free to use what you prefer. 
  • Floating the rum on the top of the drink is visually pleasing, but if you prefer a less rum-forward first sip, we suggest giving it a stir before serving. 


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Dark and Stormy Cocktail

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