Neutrals are important colors in interior design, even if you tend to be drawn to bold colors. And there’s a lot to navigate when it comes to neutral paint color selection.

I wanted to share a few of the best neutral paint colors I’ve used in our homes, why I’ve been drawn to them, and what I think they bring to a room. In the list below, I’m including four very different colors: white, cream, light pink (which visually reads as neutral), and black.

If you’re deciding on a neutral paint color for your home, I hope this post serves as a helpful resource for you. This would also be a great post to bookmark for your future design projects!

Here are four of the best neutral paint colors I’ve used in our homes…

1. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

We used White Dove in the living room of our previous home. | Photo by Chelsey Werth

Where I’ve used this color: The basement family room in our current home and the main floor in our previous home.

This is a crisp white that doesn’t feel sterile. It’s a warm color but because it doesn’t have too many yellow tones, it doesn’t read as cream. As design trends are moving toward warmer colors, this is a great classic white paint color to use.

2. Sail Cloth by Benjamin Moore

Where I’ve used this color: The basement family room in our current home.

If you’re seeking a light neutral color that has a bit more visual weight to it, Sail Cloth might be the color for you. It’s a warm color that’s a step more creamy than White Dove. If you want to highlight the contrast between two neutrals, you could pair Sail Cloth and White Dove together like I did in our basement family room.

3. Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball

Where I’ve used this color: The trim in both the entryway and guest room in our current home.

Setting Plaster is a great color to use if you want something a step beyond white or cream that isn’t too saturated. While it is light pink, it still reads as a neutral color and is a versatile option for so many kinds of rooms.

4. Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

4 of My Favorite Neutral Paint Colors I've Used in Our Homes | Wit & Delight
We used Wrought Iron on the cabinetry in the kitchen in our previous home. | Photo by Wing Ho for Domino

Where I’ve used this color: The cabinetry in our previous home’s kitchen.

This is a beautiful black-gray color that brings depth without overwhelming an entire room. Sometimes, a really dark black color can feel so overpowering it dominates every other design feature in a space. Wrought Iron has a softness to it that I really love.

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