The United States of America is renowned for offering top-notch educational possibilities and employment opportunities to foreign students. The US has 51 MBA programmes that have received international accreditation. This is the justification for the abundance of MBA-granting institutions in the USA. Comparatively to other countries, the USA has a radically different approach to education delivery.

They adhere to a model of education that is applied and career-focused. In order for pupils to successfully transition into the corporate sector, it seeks to develop technical skills in them.

In order to help Indian students finish their studies without any financial constraints, almost all MBA colleges in the USA waive their tuition fees as scholarships.

The Best MBA Schools in United States

Harvard College

The best university in the USA is Harvard University. Approximately 900 students join the MBA programme each year. Its faculty is knowledgeable. 5457 acres make up the campus. The prerequisites for eligibility are the same as those listed above.

The cost is roughly Rs. 55.4 lakh annually.

It is ranked fourth in the world for the MBA and is one of the top 25 business schools in the USA.

According to US News and World Report, Harvard Business School will be ranked 7th in the MBA in Finance category in 2021. The majority of Indian students favour Harvard University over other international institutions.

Chicago’s University of Illinois

John D. Rockefeller established this university as an urban research institution. It ranks highly among US business schools. It has top-notch faculty and a provost’s office, which is in charge of organising and carrying out academic courses.

  • The MBA programme costs $146,880 in total.
  • It even offers needy students scholarships and financial aid.
  • Mr. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, taught at a college for 12 years. In 2021, US News placed it sixth among all national universities.

The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

A Wharton MBA is thought to provide you with an advantage over other university MBA programmes. They concentrate on enhancing your company’s leadership capabilities so you can conveniently realise your dreams.

  • You will have to pay $111,695 a year for the Wharton MBA.
  • One of the largest and most prolific faculties at any business school, Wharton has over 235 professors.
  • The Times for Higher Education ranked it 19th, and US News and World Report placed it 6th. At the University of Pennsylvania, many Indian students apply for admission to the MBA programme.

Northwestern College

It is one of the top MBA schools in the USA. Over 250 Indian students apply to the MBA programmes each year. The institute is flourishing unlike ever before thanks to endowments totalling almost $11 billion up to this point.

  • It is a private research university with some of the top professors on the planet.
  • A full MBA course costs about $178,187 in tuition.
  • In the USA, it even offers one-year MBA programmes. In the 2021 National University Ranking and the World University Ranking, it came in at 9 and 29, respectively.

Business School at Yale

Graduate business education is offered at the Yale School of Management. It offers a PhD, a Master of Advanced Management, an MBA for executives, and a full-time MBA.

  • For MBA courses, it has a distinctive integrated curriculum.
  • It was ranked fourth among national universities in 2021 and ninth among US institutions for full-time MBA programmes.
  • Your Yale MBA will set you back $93,900.
  • Yale University offers world-class faculty and upholds international standards.

Boston University

Boston is the location of the college. In the US News Ranking, it is placed 35th, and 93% of the faculty are doctorally trained. It emphasises a practical strategy more than a theoretical one.

  • It offers part-time and full-time MBA programmes.
  • The MBA curriculum was created with industry norms in mind.
  • There is a $110,760 MBA fee overall.

Every year, a large number of Indian students apply for MBA programmes, but only 10% are chosen due to fierce competition.

Qualifications for MBA Programmes in the USA

The following prerequisite conditions must be met in order to apply for admission to MBA programmes at American universities:

An applicant must have earned their bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in any area.

The score on the GMAT or GRE must be at least 600.

Faculty recommendation letter (required)

Objective statement or internship certificate.

You must pass the eligibility test to be admitted. After conforming to all requirements set forth by the college. In the USA, you will be enrolled in an MBA programme.

Colleges without the GMAT

The majority of MBA programmes in the USA demand a GMAT exam score in order to consider your application for admission. A few MBA programmes in the USA, including those at Pace University, the University of Tampa, the New York Institute of Technology, and the MIT Sloan School of Management, do not require a GMAT score.


So, the best MBA schools in the USA for Indian students to apply to in 2022 are listed here. Without a doubt, studying in the US will enrich your life. Along with studying, you will learn about their culture, which will aid in the development of a worldwide perspective. Even if it will be expensive for you to study an MBA in the United States, the investment in your aspirations will always pay off.

However, you must conduct thorough research on tuition costs, financial aid opportunities, and other college-related issues before applying for an MBA in the US.

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