SAVE $700: As of Feb. 28, the Lululemon Studio Mirror(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for $795, down from $1,495. That’s a discount of 53%. Use the code NEWYEAR23 through March 5th to take advantage of this deal.

Home workouts are an amazing way to get in shape for people with busy schedules. And in today’s golden age of work from home, there are many fitness gadgets and memberships that can help you get the workout type and intensity you crave without leaving the house. If you’ve been looking for a full-fledged workout mirror, Lululemon has a great deal for you.

As of Feb. 28, the Lululemon Studio Mirror(Opens in a new tab) is on sale starting at $795 as part of Lululemon’s mirror package deals — that’s 53% off. The mirror is typically sold for $1,495, and the sale price is valid through March 5th when you use the code NEWYEAR23.

The Lululemon Studio Mirror(Opens in a new tab) is a great deal for yoga enthusiasts who want to continue improving their practice at home. But it’s not just for yogis; the Mirror offers thousands of exclusive classes in 60 different fitness categories including dance cardio, boxing, strength training, pilates, and more. Classes are offered by fitness partners such as Pure Barre, Y7 Studio, Dogpound, and more. Plus, it works just like a normal mirror when it’s off, so it can fit in seamlessly with your decor.

This deal includes the following:

Here are some of the terms and conditions for this package deal:

  • You can try the mirror and unlimited live and on-demand workouts risk-free for 30 days

  • You must separately purchase a Lululemon Studio membership at $39/month, with a minimum 1-year commitment (begins automatically upon delivery)

  • The limited warranty lasts for a year and can be extended for a separate fee

  • Free return within 30 days of installation

Check out this half-off deal through March 5th or while supplies last.

More Lululemon Mirror deals

Additionally, Lululemon offers packages that include accessories such as a foam roller, yoga block, strap, heart rate monitor, 5mm reversible mat, and more. Use the same code — NEWYEAR23 — to get your savings. Here’s a quick summary(Opens in a new tab):


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