Trusting an insurance firm for a long-term policy is not an easy task. There needs to be immense research done regarding the terms and conditions that different insurance firms have for customers. Furthermore, the insurance firm needs to be reliable and have good financial strength to be able to serve the customers in the best possible manner. Let us discuss the best insurance firms in the USA.

Best Insurance Firms in the USA


With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, GEICO stands as one of the best insurance firms in the USA. The company is more known for its range of discounts for the customers. Moreover, GEICO has competitive rates and an impressive rating from various third-party companies.

GEICO provides a number of insurance ranging from home insurance, renters’ insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial truck insurance, commercial insurance, etc. GEICO has its insurance products online as well as on the app, thus, one can choose them conveniently. GEICO customers its users in more than 50 states.


Allstate has a 4 on 5 rating by Agency Heights and an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau. Allstate offers a minimum insurance coverage of $558 and it has its network expanded to over 12000 agents and agencies. With Allstate, you can have life insurance, business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, etc.

Allstate provides its services to the customers online as in-person. To avail of the service, you can go to their website or install proprietary apps to get insurance at a comparatively cheaper price. Not only this, Allstate offers a good discount to its customers and they have access to UBI programs such as Milewise.

State Farm

Another reliable and trustworthy insurance firm in the USA is State Farm. Similar to Allstate and GEICO, State Farm also has a 4 on 5 Agency Height rating, however, the minimum coverage at State Farm begins at $417. State Farm sets itself apart from other insurance firms by having more than 19000 insurance agents.

Not only this, State Farm has 343 claims offices and 30 operating centers so you can be sure of trusting the insurance firm. Moreover, State Farm provides customers with more than 20 varieties of insurance products such as life insurance, business insurance, and home insurance. Providing incredible discounts, the insurance firm has agents in 50 states and offers a 24/7 online service via its website and mobile app.


Progressive is an incredibly excellent insurance firm in the USA. Progressive has been known for offering trustworthy and genuine services to customers for a long time. The success of the insurance firm can be calculated by the fact that it has more than 38,000 insurance agents in its network.

Adding onto that, Progressive has more than 35 insurance products to offer to users. Other than that, Progressive conveniently offers affordable insurance rates as well as huge discounts to customers. Progressive insurance can be accessed via its mobile app. Progressive is one of the most reliable choices for an insurance firm in the USA.


If you have any idea or knowledge of the US insurance market, then you would have definitely heard of Travelers. The insurance firm holds a reputed name in the US insurance market and it is one of the most trustworthy insurance firms in the USA.

The name and fame of the insurance firm has increased over time and hence Travelers stands as the 6th largest policy writer of personal insurance in the USA. Adding onto that, Travelers is also the 2nd largest writer of commercial insurance. Travelers even offer digital services to its customers.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance has been providing effective insurance services to its customers for over 6 decades. With the time being, the insurance firm has expanded its range of insurance products and you get to choose from a range of coverage options such as business, car, home, and similar valuables.

As of now, Mercury Insurance has more than 8,000 agents serving customers in 11 states in the USA. For those looking for less expensive premiums and a variety of discounts on insurance products, Mercury Insurance is a great choice.

The Hartford

If you find it difficult to trust an insurance firm easily and you do not have much time to thoroughly research for the same in the USA, then you can simply trust The Hartford. It is for this reason that the insurance firm has been named the World’s Most Ethical Company more than 10 times and thus it presently emerges as one of the top-notch insurance firms in the USA.

Some of the best services to look for at The Hartford are- property insurance, casualty insurance, mutual funds, and group benefits. Moreover, the insurance firm offers discounted rates to AARP members. Also, the customer service support provided by The Hartford is reliable and very supportive.

Liberty Mutual

Up next on the list of the best insurance firms in the USA is Liberty Mutual. The insurance firm has a good third-party rating as well as an exceptionally good A.M. best financial strength rating. The company is best known for homeowners insurance policy and for that, the insurance firm has already been ranked at 9th position. Furthermore, the customers also have the privilege to purchase auto insurance coverage online at affordable prices.

Chubb Insurance

Chubb Insurance is reputed for offering liability and property insurance. The best thing about opting for Chubb insurance is that you are sure to get amazing and top-notch customer service support throughout. Chubb has more than 14,000 insurance agents. Other than that, Chubb also offers flood insurance and a range of insurance plans to customers.


The US market is flooded with a number of insurance firms that claim to be supportive and helpful towards customers but end up being of no use during emergencies. However, the above-mentioned insurance firms are reliable and trustworthy and provide a versatility of insurance products with excellent discounts for the customers. Even the customer service support provided by these insurance firms is incredible.

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