As of Feb. 28, many Vitamix models are on sale at Amazon for up to 40% off. Shop the best deals here.

Vitamix blenders are often considered the gold standard of blenders thanks to their powerful motors and chic designs, but they can be pricey for many of the home chefs among us. Thankfully, many Vitamix models are on sale at Amazon right now for up to 40% off. Snag the best model for you below:

Best overall blender deal

Why we like it

With 1400 watts of power and 10 variable speeds, you’d be hard-pressed to find a food you couldn’t blend to perfection with the Explorian(Opens in a new tab). The pulse feature is also useful for getting that exact right consistency for chunky salsas or acai bowls, while the 48-ounce container is the perfect size for most everyday delicacies (or for meal-prepping for the week ahead).

Best small space blender deal

Why we like it

This 32-ounce Vitamix(Opens in a new tab) is perfect for people who love to meal prep or make smoothies (or frozen margaritas) for a room full of people. A circular dial lets you experiment with speeds and variations so you can get the precise texture you seek for your soup or dip, and its ergonomically designed handle makes lifting your blender a breeze, even when it’s full of heavy soup. It’s big enough to feed a family, but its streamlined design makes sure it fits on any countertop.

Best immersion blender deal

Why we like it

Uniquely designed for both left and right-handed users, the 625-watt motor on the Vitamix immersion blender(Opens in a new tab) is great for whipping up easy meals, smoothies, and dips. Always on the go? This handheld blender was created to blend your food up in all types of containers (pots, bowls, Tupperware, you name it), which means you won’t have to transfer your creations from one dish to another. With five speeds and a four-pronged blade, it’s as easy to use as it is compact.


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