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Fans are once again in awe of the friendship between Becky G and BTS’ j-hope. The former replied to a fan’s tweet talking about “check on Becky (G)” after news of the latter starting his military enlistment process was announced on February 26.

The 25-year-old American singer and actress worked with the BTS rapper on the hit 2019 song Chicken Noodle Soup. Since then, the duo’s friendship is one that fans have grown to love. As soon as j-hope’s enlistment process was announced, many fans began tweeting asking people to check up on Becky G.

Seeing the many tweets, the Shower singer replied to a fan that she initially planned to get BTS’ j-hope to perform with her at the 2023 Coachella scheduled in April. The plan was similar to the BTS singer inviting Becky G to perform Chicken Noodle Soup on his 2022 Lollapalooza Chicago stage.

@wbeckyg I actually appreciate this sm. We have spoke. 🥺 i really wanted him to join me at Chella but for obvious reasons he can’t be there. Very thankful for him and wishing him well. 🫶🏽💫

Becky G’s reply also gave fans a hint at BTS’ j-hope’s enlistment month as she shared that the K-pop idol will not be able to make it to Coachella for “obvious reasons.” She also wished him well.

Fans react to the possibility of BTS’ j-hope enlisting in March 2023 after Becky G tweets about him

Becky G and BTS’ j-hope’s bond is one of fans’ most beloved celebrity friendships. The duo first met at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and went on to release an impactful, trilingual song, Chicken Noodle Soup, sung in Spanish, Korean, and English in the same year. Since then, they have shown their support to each other both online and offline.

It was then known that ARMYs would be wondering how the Shower singer felt after hearing the news of BTS’ j-hope beginning his enlistment process on February 26. In reply to one of the fan tweets, Becky G mentioned that she had talked to the Arson rapper before as she wanted him to perform with her at the upcoming Coachella.

BIGHIT MUSIC, BTS’ agency, did not give an estimate of when the Arson rapper would be enlisting, but ARMYs seem to have received a hint from Becky G. BTS’ j-hope not being able to perform at Coachella in April, suggested that the idol will be enlisting before the music festival.

if coachella is in april and becky g wanted hobi to go but he can’t due his obligations of the military that means we ONLY got march and then hobi is going to be gone. someone has to pay for this like what the hell

Hence, ARMYs believe that he will enlist in March. However, a few stated that it might not be the case since the idol might just not be allowed to leave the country once the enlistment process starts. Take a look at how fans reacted to the hint below:

So on the street is hobi’s gift to us, it comes out March 3rd… he’s leaving early March??? 😭 that’s like this week

considering the fact that becky just said he can’t join her for c0achella, which is mid april………yes he’s leaving in april, if not late march…

Becky G said she wanted hobi to be with her at coachella in April 14th & 21 st… He said that he can’t be with her cause he’ll be in the army… That means he’ll enlist at the end or march, begining of April or maybe 13th or 21st… We don’t even have a fucking month notice 😭😭

He might not be gone by then, but he can’t risk making plans that far out. Hell, he may not be allowed to leave the country once the process has started…

@stallseok no it’s cause hobi doesn’t know when he’s gonna be called and when you’re waiting to be called you can’t leave the country

so coachella is April 14-23 and if becky said hobi cant go then… the petition takes like a month i think (?)… WE LITERALLY ONLY HAVE MARCH?????

Meanwhile, j-hope won’t be leaving fans without a “meaningful” gift. The multi-talented artist will be releasing a solo digital single titled on the street on March 3.

As per the agency, the song contains the singer’s “candid feelings” and refers to his “roots – street dance – from which his dream to become an artist began.”

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