Bad battery of old phone will be replaced in just Rs 499, Xiaomi started replacement program

Tech giant Xiaomi has introduced a battery replacement program for its Xiaomi and Redmi branded smartphones in India. As the name suggests, this program allows users to replace the defective and old battery of their phone at a low cost under official supervision. It is known to all that the battery is the most important and important part of any smartphone, because without it the phone cannot run for a single day. On the other hand, when it comes to battery replacement, replacing the battery from outside other than an official center can prove to be harmful. On the other hand, this is easily done with a brand-based service like Xiaomi’s battery replacement program.

This service from Xiaomi also seems to be quite simple and on-point. However, it also depends on whether the battery you are looking for is readily available. For this, you have to check if the battery is available or not by contacting your nearest Xiaomi Authorized Service Center. Appointments can also be booked from home through Xiaomi’s Service+ app.

Once your appointment is booked, you will have to personally visit the service center for battery replacement. Xiaomi hasn’t said how long this will take, but it may vary depending on your smartphone model. Xiaomi says that customers will be able to replace the smartphone’s battery for less than Rs 499.

A new battery will extend the life of your smartphone. Rather it will also keep your phone fine, as a bad or old battery poses a risk and will also prevent problems like heating in India in high heat. You have to check if your battery is draining quickly, although it is not a big problem. When it comes to replacing your battery, you will notice more battery drain (ie rapid battery drain) and problems with charging the battery properly.

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