Mobot secures capital to grow its fleet of robots that bug-test mobile apps – TechCrunch

Mobile apps have to be bug-tested across countless devices to ensure they work as intended. Users don’t look kindly on poor experiences — 88% say they’ll abandon apps based on minor glitches, according to software testing vendor Qualitest (which admittedly has a horse in the race). Testing is a time-consuming and expensive process, with 31% … Read more

30 Best Back-to-School College Dorm Essentials and Gear (2022)

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or returning to dorm life, picking the right stuff for your higher education ambitions can be tough. On one hand, you want to have quality gear that won’t let you down by midterms. On the other, the inevitability of crushing debt looms in the years to come—so you want to … Read more

Top 5 Best Smartphones for Under $150 – August 2022-

Did your smartphone become unusable due to the summer heat? Or maybe it died altogether? Well, then you can quickly “fix” that by getting a very affordable new phone. In this list we’ll be checking out the top 5 best smartphones you can get for under $150; keep reading! Best Smartphones for Under $150 1. … Read more

Elon Musk Hopes To Build Self-sustaining City on Mars in 20 Years

We know that Elon Musk is ambitious. Such managers almost always achieve their goals. In this regard, we should recall one of the projects that his companies are working on – landing on Mars. Once it becomes real, humans will become interstellar species. Yesterday, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO shared their thoughts on this project. … Read more

The Best Sci-Fi Movies on HBO Max

HBO Max is absolutely stuffed with sci-fi movies, from the classics to recent blockbusters to smaller gems more people need to watch. Try little Spanish gem Timecrimes, Moon (starring Sam Rockwell) and Monsters (directed by Gareth Edwards). Thanks to the recent Warner Bros. and Discovery mergerHBO Max has seen a few casualties, including the removals … Read more

‘House of the Dragon’ Release Date: When You Can Watch in Your Time Zone

The Targaryens were weak at the outset of “Game of Thrones”, but the silver-haired Targaryens ruled Westeros for 300 years before that — a reign we get to see first-hand with HBO’s upcoming “House of the Dragon“. The “Game of Thrones” prequel takes us back 200 years to when there are Targaryens — and dragons … Read more

‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: ‘Que Sera, Sera’

Well, there we have it. Sunday brought the fourth season of Westworld to a conclusion, and my head is still spinning from the new episode’s final moments. Episode 8 offered a satisfying explanation for Christina’s situation, and brought us a showdown between former allies, Chalores and William. Let’s cover every moment of the finale, including, … Read more

The Absolute Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix is home to such a stunning range of horror movies that this introduction is going to be a list of the titles that didn’t make the main recommendations. Try Forgotten (2017), a South Korean psychological thriller or British horror film The Ritual (2017). There’s also the recently-added It (2017), based on Stephen King’s novel; The … Read more

Zoom’s latest update on Mac includes a fix for a dangerous security flaw

Zoom has issued a patch for a bug on macOS that could allow a hacker to take control of a user’s operating system (via MacRumors). In an update on its security bulletin, Zoom acknowledges the issue (CVE-2022-28756) and says a fix is included in version 5.11.5 of the app on Mac, which you can (and … Read more