Nolte with some Tippett creations

Nick Nolte starred in the new episode of Poker Face, and he has some friends.
Screenshot: Peacock

Have you been keeping up with the best superhero show on television? We’re talking, of course, about Poker Face, the episodic detective show created by Rian Johnson and starring Natasha Lyonne. Lyonne plays Charlie, a woman with a secret ability to detect a lie, which Johnson himself admitted that, yes, is kind of a superpower.

The season’s eighth episode, “The Orpheus Syndrome,” was just released (watch it here!) and sci-fi fantasy fans should take note. It was not just inspired by the life and work of legendary animator Phil Tippett, Tippett and his studio created a handful of new creatures and maquettes for the episode.

Poker Face was the best project that has crossed my radar for quite some time,” Tippett tweeted about the episode. “Working with Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne was a pleasure.” He added, “Clear direction, trust, and no frame fucking always make my day!”

The episode was co-written and directed by Lyonne, by the way, and in it Nick Nolte played a Tippett-esque character named Arthur Liptin. What follows are some images of Liptin/Tippett’s brand-new creations.

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