Jones says his cat Mushu is worth about $2,000.

The hits keep on coming for Alex Jones, the disgraced radio host who peddled lies and conspiracy theories on his show Infowars following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Now having declared bankruptcy following his repeated trials for his misinformation about the mass shooting, Jones is sounding the alarm against the Department of Justice, who he claims wants to take his expensive cat away from him.

Jones says his ragdoll cat Mushu is worth approximately $2,000 and claims that the Department of Justice spent five minutes out of a three hour meeting discussing the feline. In the video uploaded to Twitter by Jones’ wife, Jones elaborates that the Department of Justice asked Jones if there were assets hidden in the cat due to its $2,000 price tag. Assuming Jones is telling the exact truth (doubtful), seizing Mushu from him would only put a microscopic dent in the $1.5 billion Jones owes to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.

“This is not a joke, this is real. This really happened,” Jones said in the video. “[The Justice Department] wanted to know if assets were hidden in the cat…They want the cat for the Sandy Hook families. So the deal’s broke, you guys aren’t getting the cat.”

“This is harassment,” Jones decries in his video. Oh, what a delightfully oblivious statement coming from him.

Jones has been the subject of two trials regarding his claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, where a perpetrator murdered 26 students and faculty at the Connecticut school in December 2012. Jones repeatedly referred to the mass shooting as a conspiracy and false flag operation on his radio show Infowars, which the families of the victim’s sued over.

The first trial, in Texas this past summer, saw Jones eventually proclaim that the shooting was “100% real” before he was hit with $45.2 million fine. The second trial, in Connecticut back in September, saw Jones facing $965 million in damages.


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