Ahead of the Oscars, AMC Promises Movie Theater Popcorn at Home – CNET

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The movie theater company is launching a line of ready-to-eat and microwaveable popcorn at Walmart stores.

Bags of AMC Theatres perfectly popcorn

AMC Theatres says the grocery store popcorn will have that same taste and aroma to movie theater popcorn.  


You no longer need to visit the movie theater to buy movie theater popcorn, thanks to a new collaboration between AMC Theatres and Walmart. The movie theater company is launching a line of popcorn, called AMC Perfectly Popcorn, with options for ready-to-eat popcorn as well as microwaveable. It’ll be available at Walmart stores on March 11, a day before the Oscars

The product launch promises that “movie theatre popcorn taste and aroma” without the trip to the movie theater, AMC said in a release on Tuesday.

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