Of all the decor items in my home, these are the ones that spark the most joy for me right now. Some of my favorite decor pieces are things I’ve had for years and some are recent additions, but they all add that extra “something” to our home.

On this list, there’s a mix of things new and old; of handmade pieces and items that were purchased from a larger retailer. I wanted to share a roundup of my favorite decor pieces to illustrate how the things we love most add to the effect of our home’s design as a whole.

These are seven of my favorite decor pieces in our home right now…

1. Schoolhouse Stillwater Floral Quilt (gifted)

$199 – $279

This quilt (shown at the top of this post) makes me so happy; it was love at first sight. I have it displayed (and frequently used!) in our family room, in a highly visible spot that you see right when you walk in the front door. I love that it plays well with the green and red scheme of the room, while also adding a punchy graphic nature that’s an important layering element for the space. 

2. Ginny Sims Ceramic Pitcher


Ginny is a local artist I’ve admired for quite a while. I love all of her pieces. I have this pitcher displayed in our kitchen. It adds a ton of personality to the space and acts as a functional centerpiece for the table at dinner parties. Everyone I host asks about it.

Ginny’s next online studio sale will be on Friday, March 3 if you’re interested in purchasing one of her pieces for yourself!

3. CruelMountain on Etsy Raffia Scalloped Lampshade

Photo by Michael J. Spear


I purchased this scalloped lampshade a few years ago, before scalloped designs became so widely popular. It’s lived in various spaces in our home over the years. Right now I have it in our main bedroom and I love how it looks against the wallpaper backdrop. This one piece brings personality and whimsy wherever it goes. 

4. The Inside Scalloped Screen (gifted)


I love both the style and functionality of this piece. I love the height it brings to any room and I think the red and white stripe pattern is a forever classic. It makes a big impact in whatever space it’s in and is so easy to move around to different areas of the house. If you’re interested in buying it for your home, you can select the fabric of your choice—there are so many options available!

5. Antique Swan Serving Tureen – Purchased From Chairish

7 Favorite Decor Pieces in Our Home Right Now | Wit & Delight

Prices Vary

I was inspired to buy a swan tureen after I saw Laila Gohar share a photo of one on Instagram. I found my first one at Goodwill. Unfortunately, it broke, so I bought this second one from Chairish. Most of the year, I display it as a decor piece in the kitchen, although it has been used as a centerpiece at a soup dinner party and as an ice bucket at an outdoor dinner with friends. 

6. Lulu & Georgia Kirk Coffee Table (gifted)

7 Favorite Decor Pieces in Our Home Right Now | Wit & Delight


This coffee table is a relatively new addition to our home. It’s made out of solid oak and I love how low to the ground it is. I find that sometimes when coffee tables are higher off the ground, they compete with the sight line to the couch. I think the low height also makes it a really great spot to display things, which I wasted no time doing upon its arrival.

Originally, I planned to put this coffee table in the basement and I likely still will, although it’s currently styled in my office upstairs. I tend to play musical chairs with most decor pieces in our home!

7. FabricSG on Etsy Scalloped Stripe Napkins


While these may not technically fall under the decor category, they are beautiful home products I use very regularly, so I wanted to include them on this list. They’re both functional and pretty, and it always brings me joy to put these out at dinner. I want to buy a few more colors to mix and match!

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